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Live Notifications For Profitable Items, Deals, and Alerts 

At the end of the day, the thing that makes the biggest difference for our members is our live notifications for daily profit opportunities. 

This isn't some some dead group that makes one post a week.

You step into our group every day, follow our callouts, execute on the profitable opportunities we find, and make consistent profits.

3-5 Daily Online Profit Opportunities With Complete Action Plans, Sent Right To Your Phone 

  • 3-5 money-making opportunities sent straight to your phone/computer every day
  • Action plans with step-by-step instructions (where to buy, how to sell, etc)
  • ​Accountability system with reminders and follow ups

The 'Resell Mastery' Course 

40+ video module course that teaches you (in detail) every aspect of online reselling ($497 value)
  • ​​​Sneakers - Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance
  • Tickets - Concerts, UFC, Comedy, Sports Events
  • ​Amazon - Online Arbitrage, Instore Arbitrage, Wholesaling
  • ​Price Errors - Free Gift Cards, Free Food, Big Discounts
  • ​Online Flips - Collectibles, Trading Cards, Streetwear
  • ​Botting - Automation Software For Purchasing In Bulk/Quickly

24/7 Support To Help You Level Up 

  • Get your questions answered in minutes, not days.
  • Get REAL thoughtful answers to your questions from experienced resellers.
  • 0 Judgement - There are no dumb questions. This is built for everyone from part time beginner to full time expert.

Checkout Autofill Bot - Automate The Purchase Process On Limited Release Drops 

  • ​Our custom Chrome Extension will automatically fill out your information and quickly complete the checkout process within 3-5 seconds.
  • Works on Shopify, Target, Walmart and 30+ other sites.
  • ​​Custom keywords monitor for limited products.

Restock Monitors Software -  Notifies You When Limited Releases Are Restocked 

  • This is like having a team of 200+ people constantly refreshing different websites waiting for a limited product to come back into stock.
  • ​Custom price-error monitors will alert you whenever a major discount happens on a specific website.
  • You’ll get access to everything we offer. This software costs us THOUSANDS every month, but you’ll get it 100% included.

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The Observer

These are the type of people who are always searching for the new hot opportunity but, when faced with one, they find an excuse to not take and action... And end up just observing the success of the others who decided to take action on the same opportunity they missed.


The Action Taker

Those are the type of people who, went faced with an opportunity, take action and work to build their own success. They're the go-getters. They're the ones that, over the long-term, end up achieving their wildest dreams and enjoying the spoils of their decisions. And now it's time to decide: which one of them you're gonna be? This is a decision only you can take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answer to the most common asked questions about Resell Kings enrollment.

What is Resell Kings?

Resell Kings is a top-tier reselling community that sends out daily alerts for profitable items you can easily flip into a consistent monthly income. 

These flipping categories include price-errors, sneakers, collectibles, instore hidden-clearance, streetwear, sports cards, concert tickets, Amazon selling, eBay selling and much more.

We have a major focus on saving money too. This includes methods to get cheap groceries, cheap meal-prep services, cheap Uber Eats, discounted gift-cards, and the list goes on.

We're constantly adding new ways to make money within the group, and all of these opportunities will 100% be worth your time. 

That's our guarantee, or your money back.

What is Resell Hacking?

Resell Hacking is the term that we use to describe everything we do within our group Resell Kings.

We are legally "hacking" the system with a ton of the ways we are able to make (and save) money every single month.

How much money can I make in my first month?

This will depend on how dedicated you are. We have members who join and are able to make 2-3k in their first month. 

We also have people who cancel after 10 minutes because there are "no opportunities" available. 

You can decide on which one you'd like to be.

How much money do I need to get started?

We recommend having at least $300-500 to be able to purchase items with.

What is the Resell Mastery Course?

The Resell Mastery course is 100% included within your subscription to the Resell Kings paid Discord group. 

This course is going to go over absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to online reselling, and when it comes to being successful within our group. 

If you watch this course all the way through and apply the different modules, you are basically guaranteed to be successful.

How do the profitable notification alerts work?

We have been sending out daily alerts and profitable leads to the group for the past 3+ years. We have not missed a single day. 

These alerts are delivered directly to your phone or computer and are sent out by our industry experts whenever they spot a potential opportunity that can be profitable. 

These alerts are instant so you can be as fast as possible to ensure you're able to purchase before the item sells out.

What region do you guys cover?

All of our information is for the United States.